Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Firsts!

Had a couple weddings this weekend - and some new venues that I had not yet been too... both unique and unexpected!

First was Mary Jo and Austin's reception, which was being held downtown, at the Dallas World Aquarium. I had no idea the aquarium was set up to hold such events... I loved it! It was completely unexpected (I was thinking... humid, noisy)... quite the contrary - it was beautiful! Views of lush foliage, waterfalls, very tropical. They had a tropical destination wedding, so this suited them. The bride designed her cake, I hope she liked it! (Turtles on the grooms cake was requested by the groom!)

Then was Lindsay and Clarks reception, which was being held at the Performing Arts Center at the historic Collin County Courthouse in downtown McKinney. Again... I was not aware they held private events at the PAC! ...I loved it! It has that majestic historic feeling... old maple floors, exposed brick, lots of windows and cozy little rooms. Even with a large guest count, with all that space, it felt very intimate. (I unfortunately had to leave before the flowers arrived for the cake- I hope they came out pretty!)

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Treva said...


We were photographing two engaged couples downtown this weekend, and thought there must be a play or something going on there..ha! Too bad you don't have pictures of the events, I am curious to see them set up in those venues! Gorgeous cakes, by the way!!