Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy About Cupcakes!

Cupcakes are all the rage! Specialty cupcake shops are popping up everywhere!

Who doesn't love a cupcake? They're little bites of delicious goodness, wrapped up and ready to go!

Cupcakes are also quickly becoming very popular in leau of wedding cakes these days.... They can be served alone, or combined with a small wedding cake, for a whimsicle and less-than-traditional reception.

If you love cupcakes - set your TiVos next week for The Martha Stewart Show.... beginning Monday, is "cupcake week"! Tune in for some tasty recipies and design ideas!

Martha's also on the hunt for the cutest cupcake idea! You can enter to win the "custest cupcake" contest! If you need some inspiration? ....check out these books or go to my favorite sites: or for some of the cutest cupcakes and delicious recipies!


Treva said...

I love Sprinkles cupcakes in Dallas...there are only about 5 shops around the world, one in NYC, and i think one out in we're lucky to have one....


Anonymous said...

I like Sprinkles, but I love the cupcake shop in Fort Worth: The Cupcake Cottage! Check it out if you're ever there. It's a small shop and they tend to sell out, so it's best to call ahead to have some cupcake put on hold...well worth the trouble!