Monday, March 3, 2008

My weekend...

Just a few photo's from cakes this weekend... a beautiful red and white cake, fo Sarah and Greg's wedding (Greg is a Carrollton firefighter). Missed two other wedding cake pictures this weekend, due to "camera issues"! (Margie, and Ashley - send photo's if you have 'em!)

Also a cute little birthday cake for Ebby Halliday (who turned 97!)

We got back from Austin last night, for Matt's award presentation at the capital. A quick trip, but had a great time (how can you not have a great time in Austin!) The awards ceremony was very nice, we were so proud of Matt and his accomplishment! (We just found out last week, another piece of his was selected to go to "state" in April!)

Way to go Matt!

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Lisa E said...

Look at how Matt towers over the other two on stage! :-)

(It didn't sink in y'all had to go to )

Very, very nice cakes. I especially love the hats...both of 'em.