Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank you Angel Fire!

We had an awesome weekend up in the mountains! Angel Fire had a foot of new snow the evening before we arrived - ski conditions couldn't have been better and we beat the spring breakers, no one was there!

What a view! The snow capped mountain in the backround is Wheeler Peak, elevation 13K feet.

Matt spent the first half day, teaching Jake how to snowboard... not as easy as it looks, but he totally had it by lunch time! After spending most of the day falling on his butt (and his head), he opted to ski the remaining two days (which he's awesome at! ...I can't keep up with him!)

Looks impressive, hu?! Just after this shot of Matt, he totally bit it! Champ enjoyed the snow for short moments... wasn't a fan of the cold white stuff!
Gas: $260... Equipment rental: $175... Lift tickets: $618... Spending a ski weekend with my family... priceless!

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Treva said...

So beautiful!! You missed the snow storm here Thursday! Did you send down several inches of snow our way from NM? :)