Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pacific Beach

Well, Sunday's are turning out to be our "beach day"...  we've been checking out different beaches in the area, and today we went to Pacific Beach (or as the local's refer to as "PB"), just South of La Jolla.   It's a huge beach, lots of places to eat, shop and lots of nightlife (so we're told), a popular area for SD college students!  There's a long boardwalk that stretches all the way down to Mission Beach, and Mission Bay (just N. of San Diego), you can rent bikes, surfboards, pretty much anything you need - we'll definately bring our bikes back w/ us next time, that's the way to to get around (parking is definately a challenge!).   

Next weekend we're heading up to Huntington Beach (Surf City USA!) for the 4th of July.  A friend of ours who lives there, has invited us up for the festivities - apparently they shut down PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) for a huge parade and a pier festival.  We love Huntington, great beach, excellent surfing, and great people watching!   Should be fun!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Love the smells...!

I know I'm in California, when I get here, and smell the smells! OK, not it's not exhaust, or smog!'s the fresh rosemary and sage, the honeysuckle and lavender, and the ocean... it's what I love most about it here. Here's a sample of what's in my yard!

The view from my bedroom... this is the best! On a clear day, you can see the ocean... and in 20 minutes I can be there!

California or Bust!!

Well we made it! It wasn't easy... but we made it! What a crazy month it's been it's been! We (yes, "we", not a moving company!) packed up our house, and moved everything with PODS!... Stayed at "granny and grampa's for 10 days! (4 adults, 2 kids, and a 120# dog, in a 2 bedroom house!)... Matt's graduation ceremony ("YEAH Matt!!"), drove 1/2 way across the country in two cars... Matt's Jeep breaks down just outside Midland (see "Monahan's" pictures!)... but WE MADE IT!! It's been awhile since I've had a chance to update my blog, we just got internet access, and phone lines, etc., etc., and am almost done getting the house in some type of order - I HATE MOVING!! Here's a few pictures from recent weeks....
We're so proud of you Matt!! (You look like "Mr. T"!) Congratulations - you did it!

Cooper, Zoe, Jake and Taylor, chillin' out at Granny's house! (Taylor, is that a smile?!?!)

Jake was a trooper, riding on the roof...! Gas... $3.97 a gallon (you don't want to know what we're paying here!)

Matt's Jeep broke down in Monahan's Texas... about 50 miles West of Odessa! Not much here but the sand dunes and a Jeep dealership! I swear they were an oassis in the dessert!

(That's Matt out there!)

They're pretty... but I prefer my sand with some water! No water here!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hangin' up the apron....

A bittersweet cake weekend...  I did my last two weddings this weekend, for the summer!   Not a planned break, or vacation, or just bein' lazy...  My family is up for big changes!   My husband took a new job very recently, and it's relocating us to San Diego, California!   Being from Southern California, I was jumping with enthusiasm on this inside when we found out!    (...not jumping so much, when we started pricing homes!)   Thanks to Cake Carousel
 ( for helping me out with pending orders!  If you guys are wanting a referral, this is the place!   They do wonderful work, and their staff is great! 

So it is with great sadness that I leave all my loyal clients and friends!  This past year has been awesome!  I will most definately be starting up my business again, in the San Diego county area this fall, so please stay tuned to my blog this summer!!  I'll continue to post interesting cake tid-bits and new designs that I'll be practicing for my entry piece for the upcoming Oklahoma cake show - and taking some new classes as well!   Can't wait! keep checkin' back!

For my final cakes this weekend, I ended with the following beauties...

This 4 tiered cake, was designed for Kayna - she  wanted a brown cake w/ lilac colors, to match her wedding colors - I thought it came out beautiful - nice contrast!  (Love pastels w/ dark 
brown!)  Lemon and white cake, w/ raspberry filling, all iced in vanilla buttercream and
 covered w/ chocolate fondant.  (Fondant was definately for color and effect on this cake!)

...and Kristen's cake, alternating ribbons and scrolls, w/ a fresh floral topper.  (All squares this weekend!)  White almond sour cream cake w/ strawberry filling and chocolate fudge cake, w/ chocolate buttercream...  we did the grooms cake in carrot cake, so we snuck some chocolate in there for her!

So, that's it for now - I've packed up the mixers, pans, spatula's, tips and tools...  off to sunny California!  Just in time...  just saw the forcast for Dallas this week:  95,  96,  96, 96 !!   UGH!
..that, I won't miss!!