Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tori's Cake

Tori and Ryan (my web designer) are getting married in a couple weeks, and this is Tori's "dream cake" (we had a previous design in mind, but she tripped across this, and just loved it - who wouldn't!) However, I'm not familiar or sure about the technique used on the sides of this cake... so I'm seeking cake advise! To me - it appears to be a fondant impression, wrapped around the cake... but it almost looks like brush embroidery too... Any help from my cake friends out there would be appreciated - I'd love to do this cake for her!

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Lisa said...

Wow-weee! Isn't that pretty! I have no idea Allison. Do you know where the photo came from? I think this calls for an expert. Write Rebecca! :-) Hard to tell without seeing a closer detail, eh? But the method you did on the competition cake reminds me of it somewhat. I'm sure you can pull off a similar look, even if it isn't done exactly the same. This is going to be a beauty.