Monday, October 27, 2008

Coffin Cake

Here's another Halloween inspired cake I did this week, for our neighbor Michael.   We met Michael and Christine who moved onto our street just shortly after we did (yeah!)   In fact, the first night we met, he told us we "had" to mark our calendar for the weekend of the 25th, for his Halloween/Birthday party!  Don't have to tell me twice!   We'll be there!
This was a sheet cake carved into a coffin, covered in a mixture of chocolate and black fondant.   I made the top a day early so it would dry...  I wanted to have it slightly moved over, so there would be room for the skelton hand coming out!  (Hand was made out of gumpaste).  All the rest of the decorations were all made out of fondant and cookie crumbs for dirt. 
 Everything edible!

Had a great time at the party - bunch of wild and crazy people!   The kind of neighbors we love!
Happy Birthday Michael!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I know the pictures in my website are messed up - I'm having difficulties trying to edit my pictures, and am working on it!
- stay tuned!

Happy Fall!

I love the recent change in weather, the cooler breezes, the changing colors in the leaves, watchin' football, pumpkins on the porch....  love it!  My most favorite holiday!  ...OK maybe a close second to Christmas!  I love Halloween.  Love the decorations.  Love the costumes.  Totally fun excuse to have a party!  (I'm big time missing our annual costume party - but since we've moved, it just won't be the same!)  We do have another party to go to, which I know will be awesome, I just need to figure out what I'm doing for a costume this year...  I've done spider woman, a witch, a biker chic, "Malice" in Wonderland (my favorite!) and toga'd out with last years theme!  Suggestions?

...and speaking of parties,  our neighbor Maddie was celebrating her birthday day this weekend, w/ a costume Halloween themed birthday party!  I wish my birthday was around Halloween!  I haven't done a cake in months and was itchin' to do one - and it's a Halloween cake!  

(Inspired by Rebecca Sutterby,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

And the winner is....

Rebecca Sutterby!

Rebecca won the grand prize this past weekend at OSSAS!   A HUGE congratulations goes out to her - I'm so proud of her!!  She usually places in and around the tip top, but has never won the grand prize.  Here's a photo of her winning cake!  
Simply gorgeous!

Rebecca is my idol!  (OK, I don't mean to sound creepy! - but she is!)  When I first started out in cake decorating, and surfing the internet for inspiration - I found "Sugar Creations" ( and instantly fell in love with her cakes.  Her style fits me to a "T"!  I would study her cakes and designs and try and incorporate these techniques and beautiful colors, into my work.  I first met Rebecca at OSSAS a few years ago, and was just SO thrilled to shake her hand and tell her how much I admired her work.  I was fortunate enough to take a class with her - in Kansas, back in 2007 (w/ my friend and follow decorator - Lisa!)   Rebecca's work has earned her much recognition in the past years, she's been on FoodTV's "Challenge" and she's was featured in "Bride" magazine back in February, as one of the "50 Most Beautiful Cakes".  She is not only an extremely talented decorator, but she is the sweetest and most down to earth person!   Winning OSSAS couldn't have happened to a better person!   

I can say...  "I knew her when..." !!

...and congratulations to you Shelly on your "silver" win!  
Can't wait to see a picture!