Sunday, March 16, 2008

A few new cakes to post...

Aubrey's wedding cake... all various square cakes iced in vanilla buttercream and green ribbon borders. Various lilies and roses decorated the tops.

Grooms cake designed after his favorite hobby! Chocolate fudge cake w/ chocolate buttercream icing. Cake was covered in chocolate fondant, and all details are fondant. (I wished I had a better picture, this came out a little fuzzy...) Big fat chocolate dipped berries added the final touch!

Bananas and berries!


Lisa said...

Your monkey is too cute. I might have to try to copy that...have a monkey themed cake coming up. Great cakes all around! Thanks for sharing!

Treva said...

Allison--cakes are gorgeous as ever!! I love the have WAY too much talent. ;)