Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's "Personal"!

Being that I am head baker, artistic director, owner, bookkeeper, dishwasher and delivery driver - I can only do so much! ...but that's how I like it! That's what makes my business - my cakes -stand apart from the rest. I offer a personal, hands on, approach to my cake decorating which is what I can offer to my clients. I feel very fortunately that I can do that! I only accept a small number of orders each week, and I book up early! Every cake is custom made - I don't keep cakes on hand, or stored in the deep freeze. So unfortunately, short notice isn't usually an option. I'd rather focus on a smaller number of cakes, and do them really well, rather than crank out a bunch of cakes and comprimise integrity. Weddings take presidence - without a doubt. I will not take any "occassion" cake orders, when I have a wedding. There's so much detail and work that goes into a wedding cake, to veer off course even for the smallest cake, can create quite a distraction. So for all you last minute planners, and procrastinators (I should know, becuase I am one!) keep this in mind, when you call me on a Friday, for a cake for Saturday! It just can't be done! There are however bakeries that can - I'm just not one of them!!
Did I mention the VH concert is tonight.... yeah, I did!! 6 hours and counting!!

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