Monday, January 14, 2008

I have to brag...

My friend Treva just sent me some pictures last night of the "Senior" session she took with my 17 year old, Matt... and I just have to share them - they're absolutely beautiful! (I cried when I saw them!) Yes, I'm a very proud "mommy" - he's not only a handsome young man, but he's a talented artist, a rockin' guitar player and a top student in his senior class! - wouldn't trade him for the world!!
Check out Treva's site at !! I have to tell you a funny story - I had my parents go to her site, to check 'em out, and when I talked to them this morning... they said, "Alli, we didn't see any of Matt's pictures on the website"... I said, "They’re under the gallery, marked Seniors"... dad says... "OH! I thought that meant Senior Citizens"! Times... they are a changin' ! Thanks Treva - you did a terrific job!

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