Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Eddie Van Halen !!

OK - first off - the VH concert was awesome!!! Now granted, I've been waiting over 20 years, for these guys to get back together - despite their "issues" - but last night, they completely pulled it off! David Lee Roth's vocals (after the about the second / third song) were amazing - as well (and even more so) Eddie's guitar riffs... the guy is legend... Not only did they sound great - but they looked great (these guys are in their 50s!) - someone's been doing their stomach crunches!!

But get this... I was joking w/ Mark earlier in the week, that I should make a really COOL Van Halen themed cake. I could show up with it, and it might get me back to meet the band or get close to meeting the band! Pushing 43, my days of hanging out "after the gig" hoping to catch a glimpse, are long gone!! We laughed, and thought it would be fun... but in reality, it was Thursday, I had 6 cakes, and a wedding to finish for Sunday. So back to last night... they're into their second or third song, and David Lee Roth starts on about, how it's great to be back in Dallas, etc., etc., but that tonight was "extra-special" because today is Eddie's BIRTHDAY!! I looked at Mark, and he looked at me, and I felt like I wanted to cry!! The entire sold out arena proceeded in singing "Happy Birthday"... and NO CAKE! It could have been MY cake!! I could have presented the totally cool, Van Halen birthday cake to Eddie!! Why didn't I know this ?! I can see it now... bottom tier decorated w/ Eddie's striped "Frankenstein" guitar design, VH logo on top, M&M (no browns!), guitar picks, Sunset Blvd theme! I love it! The more I think about it, I may just have to do one for the heck of it! My tribute to my favorite band... Eddie - I know you would have loved it!
Well, I thank them for a terrific and memorable evening - it was definately worth it! Rock on Van Halen brothers!

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