Sunday, May 25, 2008

Count 'em - FIVE !

Five weddings this weekend - my record! ...and I don't intend on breakin' it any time soon! I don't know how I talked myself into this, my limit is usually 2, maybe 3 but 5?! They're all done, all delivered and all were beauties! repeat designs - all new and different, and lots of color!

Ashley's three tiered butter yellow cake, w/ white scroll work and white gumpaste bow. Fresh flowers topped off this white almond cake with buttercream frosting.
Johanna's cake was a simple design (she was going for "flavor"!) wanting the cake to match her wedding invitations. White almond sour cream cake, and fresh strawberry cake, all iced in cream cheese icing. Love the cake topper! (...I think bride should be on top!) Cicelyanne wanted to incorporate her peacock feathers into her wedding cake, and we came up with this design. We opted w/ a fake base for her feather trim, so the feathers weren't actually on the cake itself. The feather topper was a cake topper she found on line - and
matched perfectly! Denise brought me a photo of a cake she had found, and absolutely loved (original designer unknown). We changed the bows to red, to match her colors. Amaretto cake with buttercream icing. Red roses were added to the top.
Lastly, my favorite (maybe because it's so big!) - Leian's cake was all fresh strawberry cake w/ cream cheese filling, and iced in buttercream. Sage green fondant ribbon wrapped each tier, and decorated w/ white scroll work. Fresh flowers added the finishing touch!

Congratulations to all the happy couples!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


Treva said...

Holy Moly! I think you are the one who needs to stop, breathe, and smile! ha! Great job, not just quantity, but gorgeous quality too! I love the first cake, I think its my fav!

David and Melody said...

Good grief! You were busy! They are beautiful!

leian and ed said...

allison, thank you sooo much for your cake :) it was absolutely DELICIOUS (guests were raving) and beautiful, and we ended up eating most of the anniversary cake that night b/c it was too good to not eat fresh! good luck with your move (will you deliver to LA in the future? ;) ) and thanks again for everything!

Allison Lawless said...

Oh yeah! Thanks Leian and Ed!! So glad everyone enjoyed it, I thought the cake turned out beautiful! Best of luck to you guys!!

Lisa said...

I bow to you! :-)

They are gorgeous! I cannot believe you could put out 5 gorgeous cakes in a weekend. You are superhuman. :-)

I think the red bowed one is my favorite. Your bows are so pretty and crisp.

Perfection, lady!

Busy Little Bee said...

5 are crazy!! My favorite was Leian's cake too! I love the green.