Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jenna's Cake

Unless your living under a rock - you've heard Jenna Bush and her fiance were married this past Saturday, at "the ranch" in Crawford, Texas...    Of course, I was axiously awaiting to see the cake!! Though I've seen a picture of the cake - I can't find who did it...  (details are closely guarded!) Rumor is, it was the pastry chef from The White House.    Pretty cake, simple and elegant for their country wedding, decorated with white roses, and blue and yellow flowers.   Is it me, or is the top of the cake...   crooked?

...or if it's supposed to look this way?!    

What do you think??!

Congrat's to the happy couple!


Lisa said...

It's pretty but that top IS crooked!

Don't think it is supposed to be that way or it would all be topsy turvy, don't ya think?

Allison Lawless said...

Yeah, that was my though too!!

Hey - we're not perfect! (They needed "stress-free" cake supports! Maybe I'll send 'em the link!)

Treva said...

Oh my--its totally crooked on top!
I'm not fond of this cake-you do much better, the lines going down are not proportionate, they look odd to me...I heard they used all Crawford locals for the wedding. Cake, eh.
Her dress? Fabulous!

Busy Little Bee said...

Looks crooked to me!

latest said...

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