Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"Did you feel that?!?!"   My husband called to ask me at 11:45.  

"Feel what?" 

"We just had an earthquake!!!"  

Welcome to California!  If you hadn't heard the news yet, California had an earthquake, it registered a 5.4 on the richter scale, centered in Chino Hills (about 30 miles east of downtown LA).  Apparently it was felt as far away as Las Vegas, and and far south as San Diego...   

I however, felt nothing!

Kind of glad...  but in a strange way...  kind of wanted too!  Mark called me from work, which is in Del Mar (close to the coast), and he said his office definitely rumbled!   Fortunately there were no reported injuries and no major damage.   5.4 is pretty big!   

It's definitely scary...  but I'm not afraid.   We dodged tornadoes (some too close for comfort!) in Texas and have seen first hand the damage they can cause.   California has earthquakes.   I don't think anyone - anywhere is safe from a natural disaster...   I'm fascinated by the sheer power and magnitude of these natural forces...  it makes me realize how small we are on this large planet on which we live.   A little shakin', I'm OK with...  As for "the big one" - hopefully I won't be around when that time comes!


Treva said...

OMG, I am so glad you guys are ok!! I'm assuming you were far enough away it was no big deal in your area...?
I guess after our Texas twisters, what's a little ground shakin'?
Do you know if Dennis and the family are ok?



Anonymous said...


Welcome to SD! I grew up in the area (what part of town are you guys in??).

I migrated back east several years ago, but was in town last week.

Do not worry...a little siesmic surfing never hurt anybody!