Friday, July 11, 2008

Good cakes gone bad!

As you may think, I am not on vacation! ...OK, well sort of, but not really! Though it is "summer", and I have been hangin' at the beach, and haven't done a cake in 8 weeks! ... I've also been unpacking, organizing, and setting up our house! I don't how many trips to Lowe's and Home Depot I've made, but the girl at the paint counter recognized me this morning!
I still frequet my favorite cake sites and friends blogs, and while perusing on Cake Central ( last night, I came across the funniest blog and had to pass this on! It's a riot!
"When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong!"
These are some of the saddest (and funniest) cakes I have ever seen! Spelling errors, horrible colors -you'd cry too if you picked up one of these babies for your special occassion (or wedding!) No cheap shots - these aren't "beginner" cakes or cakes your grandma made, these are what people actually paid for - from a bakery!
Just proves.... you get what you pay for!
(Good cakes aren't cheap - and cheap cakes aren't good!)
...or anything for that matter!


David and Melody said...

Those are so sad. I feel for those people that didn't get a great cake like we did! Thanks, again!

leian said...

not sure if you've seen this already, but i saw this last week and it made me fall out of my chair laughing... :)

Treva said...

This is why I fear the next cake I order, with you galavanting off to California...;)

The baby cakes make me want to hurl something at my computer in terror! I mean...really??? Someone really thinks that is creative and appealing? So sad!!! (But good grief is the narration on that site hilarious!!)


Treva said...

You know, Allison...I have some pretty super-de-dooper pictures of one Halloween "brain" cake with delicious red velvet center they might like to feature..hehe. :P

Allison Lawless said...

Oh!! You HAVE to send that to me! I don't have one!

Treva said...

Ok, absolutely, I will email you a copy of it!