Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pacific Beach

Well, Sunday's are turning out to be our "beach day"...  we've been checking out different beaches in the area, and today we went to Pacific Beach (or as the local's refer to as "PB"), just South of La Jolla.   It's a huge beach, lots of places to eat, shop and lots of nightlife (so we're told), a popular area for SD college students!  There's a long boardwalk that stretches all the way down to Mission Beach, and Mission Bay (just N. of San Diego), you can rent bikes, surfboards, pretty much anything you need - we'll definately bring our bikes back w/ us next time, that's the way to to get around (parking is definately a challenge!).   

Next weekend we're heading up to Huntington Beach (Surf City USA!) for the 4th of July.  A friend of ours who lives there, has invited us up for the festivities - apparently they shut down PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) for a huge parade and a pier festival.  We love Huntington, great beach, excellent surfing, and great people watching!   Should be fun!

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