Wednesday, February 13, 2008

50 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes

The new issue of Bride's magazine, is on newstands now - if you're a bride in search of a cake, or inspiration for your cake - you've got to check this out! Not only are these AMAZING cakes, but you can vote for your favorite and a chance to win one of these beauties! Visit:

Athough I have my own favorites, Collette's "can-can cake", and Kerry Vincent's "flamenco skirt", my vote is Rebecca Sutterby's! ...for personal reasons! I have been a huge fan of Rebecca's work, since I started decorating cakes. She has inspired many of my designs - I just love her style... I was fortunate to go to Kansas this past fall, to take a class w/ Rebecca. She's not only a talented decorator, but she's so genuine and down to earth (and an great cook!)

Anyways.... check out the pictures, and vote for your favorite - good luck! I've got to pick up my copy today!


Lisa E said...

Oh wow! That was fun looking at all those gorgeous cakes! Thanks for sharing that link. And btw, love the little cake in your previous post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Those cakes are amazing, but I think that the cakes on your site are prettier.
Love your blog...thanks!

PS...not sucking up because you are doing a cake for me in a few weeks...I promise! :)

john said...

Wow, amazing work. I love that even the design aspects of the cakes are three-dimensional, with bits and pieces curling up off the Wedding Cakes.