Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How 'bout a beer?!

I made this cake was made for a friend of ours, who was celebrating his birthday this weekend - with beer and brat's!   This "beer mug" cake was made from 4 - 6" round cakes, torted and filled with vanilla buttercream and starwberry preserves.  Then covered in fondant and airbrushed for color.  The foam on top, was simply buttercream.  The idea came from a cake I found on  the "Cake Girls" website (www.thecakegirls.com) - I think it came out pretty good!  The sausage was made rice cereal treats and  covered in fondant.  Pretzels were made out of fondant, and sugar crystals were used for salt.   Fun cake to do! 
Cheers Michael!!


Anonymous said...

You are so talented and have displayed amazing work. I have been recommending you to all my friends.

Lisa said...

Nice to see an updated blog and a new (great!) cake!

kate C. said...

Hey aunt allie!

Love the beer, pretty sure daddy would get a kick out of that, I'll show him later! Glad to know uncle M is doing better!

- Katie

Allison Lawless said...

Hey Kate!!

Thanks for checkin in!! Made my morning!

Thinking of you!


Kris said...

So darling!!

Poefam said...

Your work is just amazing! I am still sick that you moved away from the DFW area! Could you please tell me who you recommend here now that you're gone!? Thanks so much!